Adrian Wojnarowski accidentally walked onto live TV set at ESPN

Adrian Wojnarowski, king of NBA Twitter, recently left Yahoo! Sports to join ESPN. In fact, he made a dramatic return to Twitter right at midnight on July 1, as soon as NBA free agency started, dropping Woj Bombs as they are referred to on Twitter.

On July 4, his fourth day at ESPN, the NBA world was waiting to hear the final decision of Gordon Hayward’s future. Spoiler alert: He chose the Boston Celtics. But while all of this was going on, it appears Wojnarowksi was still trying to find his way around ESPN’s headquarters.

Reaction: Understood and acknowledged Giannis, but this is the circle of NBA life and it comes around for every young player on their journey. It will revolve around Anthony Davis and in years to come it will follow Karl Anthony-Towns, Nikola Jokic, and on and on.

Game Youth Alexander Mogilny Jersey He’s gonna be a pretty good player in this league for a long time. As the days pass I think I’m beyond being surprised by what he’s able to do on the floor from a number of different spots on the floor. At 19, his soul seems mature and older.

Reaction: This sets the bar for summer league quotes. Let’s see if we can surpass it this week in Vegas.
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Curry isn’t going anywhere. On the first night of free agency, he agreed to a 5-year, $201-million designated player maximum contract with the Warriors, earning Curry that big pay day he’s been waiting for. While Steph was the No. 2 overall free agent in this class behind Kevin Durant, it’s worth noting that the Warriors were always going to re-sign the top two free agents in 2017 with two other All-Stars already locked up on the roster. Good grief.

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