The caution that caused the dry delay was questionable.

Without any rain, Thursday night made its case to be even weirder. Ender Inciarte responded to a tweet encouraging using the tarp as a slip n’ slide with, Can’t. The tarp is dry. Bryce Harper favorited Inciarte’s tweet, which was probably the best thing to come out of the whole night, until he called the delay absolutely brutal in true Harper fashion on his Instagram story.

Field-level seats, free SpongeBob ice cream, soda, and water were offered and appeased at least the kids. The Nationals PR department barely made it out of the night alive, at one point sharing its hopes and dreams for the game. Few would fault anyone involved for their frustration. Even Mike Trout was probably somewhere shaking his head at the incorrect weather radar analysis.
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Yes, the last name stands out, but this is still one of the two times that five players who would finish in the 500 home run club competed in the same Home Run Derby (1998 was the other one). Three of them are in the 600 home run club. And one of them, well, he’s kind of alone at the top.

Both Berkman and Tejada finished with more than 300 career homers, too, which probably isn’t a milestone that at least half of this year’s field will reach. This was a tremendous collection, and it highlights what’s missing with this year’s Derby:
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The caution that caused the dry delay was questionable. According to general manager Mike Rizzo and manager Dusty Baker, one reason the Nationals delayed the game was so they didn’t have to burn a starter. With the All-Star break coming up, how much could that really matter? Predicting weather is hard, but all the SpongeBob ice cream in the world might not patch this up.

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