This Broncos-49ers play that resulted in 5 penalties is the most preseason football thing ever

The referees in the Broncos vs. 49ers game had their hands full for a preseason game.

After the 49ers punted the ball late in the third quarter, the field was swarmed with flags. In total, five penalties had been committed on the play, and referee Pete Morelli needed so much help in making the calls that he nearly started laughing.

Tannehill’s left knee buckled with no contact, and the team was concerned because it was the same knee the quarterback injured last season. Tannehill opted against having the knee surgically repaired last year. That option isn’t on the table for Tannehill with his current injury.

Last year’s injury occurred when Calais Campbell hit him low, partially tearing Tannehill’s ACL. Tannehill missed the final three games of the season, as well as the Dolphins’ 30-12 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wildcard round of the playoffs. Before that injury, Tannehill had never missed a game since Miami drafted him with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 draft.

Bell, 25, may be the NFL’s best running back and he wants a contract that will reset the market at the position. Shortly after the failure to agree with the Steelers on a new contract, Bell told ESPN that he believes he should be paid like the team’s top running back as well as its No. 2 receiver.

According to the Post-Gazette’s report, Bell was offered a five-year deal that would’ve averaged $12 million per year with $30 million headed his way in the first two years.

Bell is currently slated to make $12.12 million on a one-year deal under the franchise tag in 2017, but no other running back has a contract that averages more than even $9 million per season.

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