Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict Jersey does not get the benefit of the doubt.

No player who accumulates more than $800,000 in fines and racks up 16 unnecessary roughness, personal foul and roughing the passer penalties in his career will get that, even when he should. The NFL is making an example out of Burfict with his latest five-game suspension after an illegal hit on Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman in a preseason game Aug. 19.

Is the NFL suspending Burfict’s hit or his reputation? In this case, it looks too much like the latter. Way too much.

And while that might make the Panthers fun to play with in Madden NFL 18, the offense’s transition might not be all that smooth in real life.
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As a general principle, mobile quarterbacks value teammates who can make plays down the field. Their athletic ability allows them to stretch defenses horizontally and make plays outside the pocket, and they can take advantage of that spacing by having receivers work on the interior or vertically. Pocket passers rely on shorter routes, especially by running backs out of the backfield, to create that spacing, as they are generally resigned to the pocket.

Little did Bills fans know it would be at least 17 years for their team, which was a playoff regular in the early 1990s, to make the postseason again. And Buffalo doesn’t appear to be in position to end the drought in 2017. Beane’s recent trades essentially make a statement that the Bills are in rebuilding mode, even though he says he is very annoyed by that conclusion.
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