Mic guy takes a tumble on ‘Monday Night Football’

bengals_012A man holding a large dish-shaped parabolic microphone on the sideline during Monday’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took a hard tumble when he was hit by Falcons running back Devonta Freeman.

“Somebody please explain to me what I wasn’t trying to hurt him means when we nowhere near the play and u lead with ya head and ear hole a defenseless player,” Adams wrote. “Look it’s football but no room for sh– like that. We supposed to be in this together n look out for one another not mess with a mans livelihood and hand out unnecessary concussions. We all got mouths to feed what if I did that to him and his kids can’t eat.”

He maintained that Stengel and general manager George Weiss reneged on a promise that if the Yankees made the Series, Rizzuto would be put on the roster as the backup for Gil McDougald, the regular shortstop, but Hunter was kept instead.He befriended of his fellow mid-century American masters while living New .Against the Charlotte Hornets, a lineup featuring Korver at the power forward spot helped the Hawks claw their way back into the game early the fourth quarter, before they eventually lost.When healthy, Covington flashed power and penetration skills at Rice, with the ability to both two gap and rush the quarterback.With Ramo out, Hiller start tonight Arizona with Joni Ortio coming up to back him up.He was sacked three times; the Falcons hit him six other times.While DEP was convinced there was no connection, she said the agency was waiting for evidence from the SSA investigation before drawing a final conclusion.Tough, physical player …

Eaton’s resignation comes after complaints of a hostile work environment for female employees, as well as his history of sexually explicit interactions on Twitter, according to multiple reports.

“Last night David Eaton tendered his resignation from NFL Media effective immediately,” NFL Network spokesman Alex Riethmiller said in a statement Wednesday.

Citing screen shots of his Twitter account, the New York Times reported that Eaton, 53, engaged in “sexually explicit conversations” with accounts that belonged to adult-film actresses, as well as accounts whose profiles identified themselves as prostitutes and paid escorts. The account initially was scrubbed of the tweets but eventually was deleted altogether.

Deadspin described an alleged “toxic culture” under Eaton at NFL Network, where analysts Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans were suspended last week, pending an investigation into claims by a former wardrobe stylist of sexual harassment and assault.

As vice president and executive editor for NFL Media, Eaton ran the news operations at NFL Network and NFL.com.

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