They demand respect.

Their additions directly correlate to both teams reaching Super Bowl 52.

Two receivers who have stepped in line with their teams, done what they were told, given more than that and filled a void. They are reminders that in today’s NFL, an eminent wide receiver is a necessity for any team with Super Bowl ambition.

Without getting into details, Browner suggests that the Patriots overlooked their defense because of their reliance on Tom Brady.

For what it’s worth, Butler had been listed on the injury report with an illness up until Thursday. Based on his pregame quotes however, he did seem to indicate that he wanted to start on defense. He told reporters, “I ain’t got nothing to say” when asked about the decision.

Browner also had an Instagram post to Belichick, blaming his “politics” and his “stupid decision” for the Super Bowl loss:

Lost the game for us tonight, stupid decision and makes no sense. You make the decision to give us the best chance to win. But u don’t play your best cornerback. Fuck the Politics..

There are multiple reasons Elway likely will not go the more expensive, free-agent route. The Broncos reportedly don’t have a lot of salary cap room — currently projected in the $25 million range, but they can free up more cap room by cutting high-priced vets. It’s hard to see Elway paying out huge money to Cousins, who has one career playoff start in his six pro seasons.

Cousins is not short at 6-3, but at 202 pounds, he’s a lighter QB. It seems Elway prefers bigger quarterbacks; Manning played at 6-5, 230 pounds, and Lynch is a giant at 6-7, 245 pounds. Elway also might want a QB with a bigger arm than that of Cousins.

Emmanuel Mudiay came off the bench during his first three games with the New York Knicks. How likely is it that he will carve out a long-term role in the starting lineup in the coming weeks?

Ian Begley: Very likely. Mudiay might actually start as soon as Thursday against the Orlando Magic. The Knicks are planning to give more minutes to Mudiay, Frank Ntilikina, Trey Burke, Damyean Dotson and their other young players during the final 23 games. They’d like to take the time to evaluate the group, to see which players fit their long-term plans.


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