Bills sign Terrence Fede

The Bills added a former Dolphin to their defensive line on Wednesday.

The team announced that defensive end Terrence Fede has agreed to terms on a contract. None of the terms of that contract were disclosed.

Fede was a seventh-round pick of the Dolphins in 2014, which makes him the first player from Marist College to be drafted by an NFL team. The New York native played 51 games for Miami over the last four years and leaves Miami with 55 tackles and a sack.

“Our hearts … the hockey world’s an unbelievable world. You can’t make up for loss. You just can’t. It’s got to rip the heart out of your chest. We pray for those families and think about them, and I don’t know what else you say. Horrific, horrific accident. Tough day.”

Janis was a seventh-round pick of the Packers in 2014. Dorsey was gone from Green Bay to Kansas City by that point, but his personnel hires Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith were there and are familiar with the work of Janis.

Janis has 17 career receptions, and will be fighting for a depth spot at a receiver position bolstered by the addition of Jarvis Landry to a group including Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman.

Think of how different the game will be if the running back can’t dip his helmet to blast through the first or second level. Think of how different it will be if linebackers and defensive backs can’t meet the running back in the hole with their helmets dipped. Indeed, the 2013 rule that prohibited dropping the helmet and ramming the top of it into an opponent specifically didn’t apply in the tackle box, because that’s the kind of stuff that happens all the time in the tackle box.

Napoleon McCallum, a former Raiders running back and now the director of community development for Las Vegas Sands Corp., was sitting between the parties. As a fan of both sides of the table, McCallum made this meeting happen.

The Las Vegas side of the table was excited, though skeptical of the Raiders’ intentions. Prominent UNLV official Don Snyder, who had spent the past year as the school’s president, was in the room. Snyder has had a hand in some of Las Vegas’ most ambitious projects such as the downtown Fremont Experience and, more recently, the $470 million Smith Center for Performing Arts. He’s well-connected in town. This meeting was the first he was learning of interest from the Raiders. Everyone hoped this was the beginning of something special, but it was early in the game.buccaneers_041

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