Jerry Jones takes his lumps from Roger Goodell, but no regrets

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seldom shies away from a fight, even if his record against commissioner Roger Goodell and the league isn’t very good lately.

I don’t think any other team has someone like Marwin Gonzalez. It’s hard enough to play one position well in the big leagues, never mind hit from both sides of the plate and play seven positions at a Gold Glove-caliber level. I think if you asked Marwin, he probably wouldn’t tell you the Game 2 homer was at the top of everybody’s list. But I think it’s up there, for sure.

After the Astros lost three straight games at Yankee Stadium, Justin Verlander threw seven shutout innings to tie the ALCS at three wins each. The Astros wrapped it up a night later on a combined three-hit shutout by Morton and Lance McCullers Jr.

Morton: New York was a trying time for us. When you’re leaving the city, it’s so big, and the night we left the stadium we’re driving over the George Washington Bridge and you see the vastness of the city. There are millions of people there from all over the world who are Yankees fans, and it’s a little intimidating. We went in there and lost three straight. But when we got on that plane and got back to Houston and you look out and Justin Verlander is on the mound, it changes the dynamic. Now we’re back in Houston and we have the upper hand. We win and we’re on our way to the World Series.

The Giants probably won’t trade receiver Odell Beckham Jr., but if they did, there would be a massive market for him. Teams would line up to pay both the high-round draft picks to get him and a huge new contract once they did.

That’s according to sources from several teams, who say the league views Beckham far differently than the Giants do. Other teams see him as worth the trouble. In fact, they don’t see Beckham as much trouble at all.

The Giants say they intend to keep Beckham, which is likely the case. However, two sources whose teams have been in contact with the Giants told B/R that they weren’t as definitive about keeping Beckham as they have been in public. Without question, the sources say the Giants are open to business when it comes to Beckham.

Marwin Gonzalez hit only .180 in the postseason, but he was at the center of two huge moments. He threw out Bird at home plate to preserve Houston’s win over the Yankees in Game 2 of the ALCS, then rushed to the hospital where his wife was giving birth to his son. Gonzalez did something even more improbable in the World Series, going deep off Kenley Jansen in the ninth inning to jump-start a Houston comeback in Game 2 at Dodger Stadium.

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