Cam Newton has ‘feather swag’ in his bow ties, too

You may have noticed Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton always has a feather in his custom-made hats.

But did you know the custom-made bow ties he’s worn after most games this season are made out of feathers?

“Feather swag,’’ running back Fozzy Whittaker called it.

Feathers in hats aren’t unusual.

But feather bow ties are.

The physical toll of the game is one thing. We all understand football is going to beat you up, and everyone is hurt this time of the year. So the bye week allows players to grab some extra treatment and take a Sunday off.

Yes, these things can happen. But that it happened to the Browns was just … well … so Browns.
“So it’s disappointing.”

Disappointing might be the kindest word to use for it. It’s something that seems easily avoided. That it happened to the Browns only enhanced the team’s reputation.

The last time a team called a timeout before the first snap was in 2011, when the Jets did it in a Week 14 game against the Chiefs, according to ESPN Stats and Information. The Jets had 10 men on offense. The Browns had 12 on defense.

The Browns’ timeout carnival was not over after one play, though.

The Browns burned their second timeout with 10:35 left in the first quarter, meaning they used two in the game’s first 4:25, one on offense, one on defense.

Stats and Info reports that the Browns became the first team to use two timeouts in the first five minutes of the game since the Panthers in 2013 against the Dolphins.

Put it all together and there’s really only one thing to say: That’s so Browns.

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