How Yankees’ Aaron Judge Jersey reacted to 0-for-9, 8-strikeout doubleheader

There was no anger or frustration in Yankees Lynn Swann Jersey right fielder Aaron Judge’s demeaner or voice following the worst day of his career, one that probably never will be topped.
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Two weeks ago, the NFL tried to pacify President Trump by instituting a slapdash new national anthem policy. It was such a bad and overt capitulation that many of the same owners who supposedly voted for it started backpedaling like cornerbacks the minute they were asked to explain themselves. But, hey, it was worth the awkwardness and second-guessing as long as they mollified their antagonist in chief. They plugged a leak with chewing gum and expected long-term stability. There. All fixed. Back to talking about football.

But even after a 13-3 season that gave the 49ers the No. 1 seed in the NFC (and the best record in all of football), no one believed that the 49ers could finish the job. Especially with the Cowboys standing in the way for a berth in Super Bowl XVI. Then came the game that culminated in The Catch. And that’s what made Dwight Clark’s feat even more impressive. Making the moment even more unforgettable was the fact that it represented a break from the same-old NFL. The Generals had finally beaten the Globetrotters, opening the door for a greater Theoren Fleury Jersey range of championship possibilities.

And while the 49ers quickly became the Globetrotters in their own right, that Clark-and-Joe-Montana-fueled ascension of the 49ers was special because it went so decidedly against what had become the norm for anyone who had been paying attention to the NFL — and especially for those of us who first noticed the NFL on the front end of a decade that consisted of only four haves and 24 have-nots.

In my mind, I think it’s immature when you do something like that, Jenkins told NJ Advance Media on Tuesday. That’s an immature thing to do. When you’re the president, you’ve got the power to do that. But it’s weird seeing that kind of thing happen.